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With more than 15 years of experience in the field of industrial automation technology SENSOR, with its headquarter located in Yekaterinburg, has become one of the leading sensor suppliers in Russian Federation and former USSR countries. SENSOR product range includes a comprehensive line of quality industrial automation solutions for a wide range of industries. We offer more than 2000 types of inductive, optoelectronic and capacitive proximity switches, as well as other sensor products, which fit a variety of applications for factory and process automation markets.

Our product range includes both universal proximity switches and specialized sensors:
  • Inductive proximity switches for secure detection of electrically conductive targets with switching distance up to 150 mm, both for hazardous and standard applications.
  • Capacitive proximity switches which detect both conductive and non-conductive targets. Switching distances (up to 40 mm) for non-conductive materials depend on the dielectric constant of the target material: the larger the dielectric constant, the higher the switching distance.
  • Optoelectronic proximity switches with scanning range up to 16 m for reliable detection of non-transparent targets. There are single-beam switches and multi-beam safety light curtains with relay output, as well as multi-beam light curtains with analogue output.
  • Capacitive level measurement sensors with rod and flexible sensing electrodes for bulk materials and liquids overflow/run-dry protection and level measurement (in tanks up to 30 m).
  • Specialized sensing devices: rotation speed control sensors, optoelectronic sensors for detection of heated targets, color label detection sensors, inductive sensors with analogue output and others.

We also supply a variety of mounting accessories, test equipment and power supply units for our sensing devices.

All our products comply not only with Russian Federation standards but also with relevant International norms (IEC) and are developed and manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001 requirements. SENSOR is committed to ensuring that our Customers have the most effective and economical products available on the market, which makes us the first choice for thousands Customers in all industries.

Currently we are expanding our presence to Europian and Asian markets with our highly competitive products. We would be happy to offer you our expertise in the field automation technology and individual Customer support to meet your specific requirements.

Below you can find our contact details for further information and order placements:
Company: ZAO "SENSOR"
Mailing address: 620017, Russian Federation, Yekateringburg, Shevskaya st. 62
Sales department: +7 (343) 379-53-60
Email address: sale@sensor-com.ru